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Welcome to Saddleridge Farms!

We specialize in two very wonderful Spanish breeds which we got to know while living in South America for 5 years:

The PRE is the classic trotter which is bred for riding. The gaits are strong yet smooth. It is a magnificent combination of athleticism and beauty and the mind is like no other in the horse world - intelligent, willing, people oriented. Many breeds claim these attributes but few actually have them.

Peruvians are gaited and originally bred to cover large distances in complete comfort. The smoothness of gait allowed estancia owners to routinely spend hours on horseback inspecting their properties. The Peruvian smoothness provides a great ride for people with back or knee problems who otherwise can no longer go horse back riding.

Our goal is to produce and offer horses having:

We have been fortunate to win several championships in the show ring both in halter and performance which confirms we are on the right track! We invite you to come and visit our farm and be sure to visit our updated Sales page on this site to view our current outstanding horses offered for 2018.

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