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Peruvian Paso

“The Peruvian Paso horse, arguably the smoothest riding horse in the world……”
- at the GAIT magazine, April/May 2007

Today’s Peruvian is the result of over 400 years of controlled breeding in Peru where breeders wanted to create a horse with beauty, stamina, and riding comfort. Their achievements have produced a horse with unique motion of the front legs and a 4 beat lateral gait both of which are genetically transmitted. The Peruvian is the perfect horse for pleasure trail riding, especially for riders who may have knee or back problems. The mild mannered Peruvian is an ideal family horse.

Peruvian Paso Horse

Meet Savannah and Sierra!

Saddleridge Farms suspended breeding of Peruvian Pasos approximately 4 years ago as we became aware of the problems with DSLD (degenerative suspensory ligament disease), also known as EPA (excessive protyoglycan accumulation). As responsible breeders, we believe that to continue breeding horses with an undetermined probability of this genetic issue manifesting itself, is not the best for the breed and future owners of these wonderful horses.

We focused our efforts to help fund research for the disease and to participate in educating the public on the problem. We are pleased to announce that we have resumed our breeding of Peruvians as a result of two significant developments:

Working with PVF, we crossed these bloodlines with the result being Savannah and Sierra.

SRF Mateo 2014 Peruvian Nationals Tunica, MS

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