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Pure Spanish Horse

Easy to Train, Easy to Ride, Why look for anything else?

Originally bred by King Phillip II of Spain, the elegant and graceful Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.) with soft rounded lines is renowned for his intelligence and ability to learn. The joy of being around these horses is not only to admire their beauty but also to interact with them as they are very responsive to people. They have the “mind” to adapt and therefore are extremely versatile.

The decription of The Ultimate Riding Machine is valid:

Pure Spanish Horse at Saddleridge Farms

There is only one PRE horse.

From the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Buyers Guide:

“Early registration of horses in North America mistakenly combined the PRE (Pure Raza Espanola) and the PSL (Puro Sangue Lusitano) and the SP (the cross of both) as “pure Andalusian”. This is not correct in the USA or any other part of the world. The PRE traces its history to the province of Andalucia in Spain……Although “Andalusian” was the name commonly used in the past for the Pure Spanish Horse, it should only be referred to as the PRE. (Pure Raza Espanola). Both Spain and Portugal have distinct and proud national registries that are not open to horses of any other breed."

When looking at a horse and the owner presents the horse as “Andalusian”, ask to see the Carta (registration papers) of the P.R.E. Mundial Registry or the Passport Carta of the Spanish Cria Caballar Stud Book (both Cartas refer to the same 100 year old Book). This is the only guarantee that you are looking at a P.R.E. purebred horse.

It is very easy to be misled in dealing with this confusing situation as horses called pure SP, Iberian, Andalusian, etc are all being represented as PRE horses.

Take a few minutes to watch the video of Fuego de Cardenas and I think you will clearly see what we have been describing.

An incredible night at the World Equestrian Games, Lexington, KY October 2010. Fuego captures the hearts of the fans!

Seron SRF

Seron SRF

Federation for the Pure Spanish Horse

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